Lightfinger's Lucky 7 Circuit Patches

A free sample of 6 patches found in Lightfinger’s Circuit Patches
Volume 1, Future Frontiers & Evolution Pack plus 1 new bonus patch.

Also included are Patch, Sample Set & Session Save Sheets, a handy chart for MIDI CCs/Notes/Scales, and a Settings Quick Start Guide.

Lightfinger's Evolution Pack for Circuit
$19 USD / £13.99 GBP

MegaPack featuring 64 Patches, 16 Sessions & 128 Samples!

Lightfinger's Future Frontiers Circuit Patches
$14 USD / £9.99 GBP

46 Patches for Circuit using the latest techniques in Science.

$14 USD / £9.99 GBP
Lightfinger's Novation Circuit Patches - Volume 1

41 dynamic patches with a wide variety of pads, basses, leads, keys and SFX

Future Retro Sample Set Collection

Five custom Sample Sets for Circuit with over 250 dynamic samples featuring hi-tech hits, sci-fi stingers, FX stabs, electronic percussion & tonal elements.

FREE with the purchase of Circuit Patches Volume 1
or the Future Frontiers Patch Collections!

Only 199 1.png
Lightfinger's Magic Arp Patch

This video shows how I created the "Magic Arp" patch:

Lightfinger's Launch Control XL Templates

10 Launch Control XL templates for the Novation Circuit
designed for live jams! They can be loaded onto the LCXL using
the editor found on Novation's website.  Enjoy the Science!

LCXL Notes Template Layout
LCXL Super Template Layout

Blank Session, Patch & Sample Sheets

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