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I am an artist.

   I was born Matthew Reese Hurtgen but in 1989 a Nigerian man gave me the nickname 'Lightfinger' and I got stuck with it. Today my friends call me 'Light.'
   I am an electronic musician who has always been making art of all kinds -  music composition, sound design, audio production, sculpting, bead making, painting and graphic design. I enjoy sounds, colors and abstract shapes. 

   I am interested in music technology and have enjoyed watching it come of age. I got my first synthesizer in 1987, a Roland Juno 2, and I still have it. My first computer was an Amiga 500 and I upgraded the RAM to 1 MB (although it never did have a hard drive). My first music sequencing program was Dr. T's KCS and it had no graphics.

   The first concert I ever attended was The Psychedelic Furs in 1984.

   In high school my proudest acheivement is that my band, Question Reality, opened for Fishbone, but I also published an underground newspaper, which makes me totally cool. I was in the electronic band Silence Repellent in Miami. I was a resident DJ at The on Miami Beach, the worlds first 24 hour internet radio station. I did some standup comedy in LA for a bit but I never took it seriously.

   Now I make all kinds of art for many different reasons and no one can stop me.


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