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Lightfinger JUNO 60 Artwork 1.png
Lightfinger's Roland JUNO-60 Patches

64 classic and modern patches for the Roland JUNO-60 VST and System-8 JUNO-60 Plug-Out.



Lightfinger Peak Patches Volume 1 v4.png
Lightfinger's Novation Peak Expedition Set 


64 patches showcasing the amazing sonic capabilities of the Novation Peak synthesizer with a wide variety of moving pads, cutting leads, powerful basses, and original effects.

Lightfinger's Bass Station II Super Soundset

128 diverse patches for the Novation Bass Station II
with velocity, aftertouch, and mod wheel programmed for maximum sonic expression.

Lightfinger's Novation MiniNova / Ultranova Patches - Vol 1

67 patches created for the Novation MiniNova & UltraNova synthesizers. It is an eclectic mix of sounds - pads, leads, crazy FX and rhythmic stuff. Velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, and animate are assigned for each patch.

Lightfinger's Novation X-Station/Xio/KS4/KS5/KS Rack Patches

100 patches for the Novation X-Station, Xio, KS4. KS5 and KS Rack synthesizers; 

huge basses, mysterious pads, colorful leads, crazy sfx and things inbetween. You will find a few classic synth sounds of yesteryear plus some new modern classics. Most of the patches have velocity and aftertouch programmed. 

Lightfinger's Roland JP-8000/JP-8080 Patches

This is a collection of 64 performances for the Roland JP-8000/JP-8080 synthesizers. Most of these Performances are splits with a lead on the right hand. Enjoy the science of one of the best VA hardware synths of all time!

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