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Lightfinger Novation Circuit Patches - Volume 1

These are 32 custom patches for Novation Circuit. These wide range of sounds are suitable for many genres and include pads, basses, leads, keys and SFX. All of the Macro Knobs have been assigned useful functions with the following helpful standardization:

Macro 1 - Filter Cutoff Frequency

Macro 2 - Filter Resonance

Macro 3 - Amp Release

Macro 4 - ?

Macro 5 - ?

Macro 6 - ?

Macro 7 - Chorus Level

Macro 8 - Distortion Level


Macros 4, 5 & 6 differ according to each patch.

To use these patches you will need a Novation Circuit and a computer that can run the free Isotonik Circuit Editor, found here:

Terms & Conditions:
You are buying the right to use these patches. The patches are under the copyright of Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen and no one else has ownership. You are buying a license to use these patches in any musical way you choose. The license is only valid for the user/organisation who purchases it from Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen. If you give away or sell these patches, you are still the holder of the license, not the new user of the patches. Please do not give away these patches that I worked so hard on.


Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for these patches. 

CIRCUIT Freebees

Cool things to help you rock the science with Novation's Circuit groovebox. 

Here are three Launch Control XL templates I created to control Novation Circuit. You can load them onto the Launch Control XL using the editor found on Novation's website.

Here is a custom sample set which can be loaded onto Circuit using the Novation Circuit Components webpage.

Science Is Real!
This video explains the layout of my Launch Control XL Super Template for controlling Novation Circuit.

Blank Session, Patch & Sample sheets.

Join the Circuit Owners Facebook Group to get the latest information on Circuit & Circuit related things. 
Check their Files Section for great tips, sample sets, patches, controller templates & more!

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